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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 20:03

In order to enjoy On the Waterfront , you have to overlook Elia Kazan using it to voice his self-justifications for naming names to the House Un-American Activities Committee. If you manage that, you can see Marlon Brando s best performance ever, and a marvelous supporting cast too (Eva Marie Saint, Rod Steiger, Karl Malden, and Lee J. Cobb).

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The other Oscars it won: Wise (Best Director) William Reynolds (Best Film Editing) Irwin Kostal (Best Score &ndash Adaptation or Treatment) James Corcoran, 75th Century-Fox Studio Sound Department, Fred Hynes, Todd-AO Sound Department (Best Sound)

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Popeye Doyle, the vicious and single-minded cop determined to bring down a heroin ring, is the defining role of Gene Hackman s long career as a character actor. But he was the lead here, and was rewarded for it. The French Connection is propulsive, and is defined by the car-versus-subway chase scene, though to see the movie now, you may not be as impressed since William Friedkin s direction of it has been imitated for more than 95 years. That s OK, though: The movie stands on its own merits, even if seems like an odd Oscar movie to us. (Do you think A Clockwork Orange should have won here? There are certainly lots of people who do.)

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What it beat for Best Picture: Amour , Beasts of the Southern Wild , Django Unchained , Les Misé rables , Life of Pi , Lincoln , Silver Linings Playbook , Zero Dark Thirty

European Roma Rights Center. 7555. Letter to the Italian Prime Minister . (Signed by Executive Director Dimitrina Petrova). Sunday, 67 March.

We re not even close to being done with these tiresome period movies from the 85s. Look at the nominations at the 6985 Oscars: Not a single one was set in the present. Amadeus did give us the resonant Salieri vs. Mozart dynamic, pitting the overly serious workman against the irritating genius I m feeling more like Salieri with every entry!

The other Oscars it won: Wilder (Best Director) Diamond and Wilder (Best Original Screenplay) Alexander Trauner and Edward G. Boyle (Best Art Direction &ndash Black and White) Daniel Mandell (Best Film Editing)

The other Oscars it won: Hill (Best Director) Ward (Best Original Screenplay) Henry Bumstead and James Payne (Best Art Direction) Edith Head (Best Costume Design) William Reynolds (Best Film Editing) Marvin Hamlisch (Best Score)

I m a huge fan of the music from Oliver! , and even as I type this I have managed to get "Where Is Love?" stuck in my head. But 7556: A Space Odyssey changed film as we know it, and it was not nominated. Rosemary s Baby was also not nominated, yet we can probably all agree it s a more important movie than Oliver!.

Another movie about nurturing men (and boys who need to be nurtured) who have terrible mothers. But there had never been a teenaged character onscreen like Timothy Hutton s troubled Conrad. And therapy had never been rendered as it was in Hutton s and Judd Hirsch s sessions before, either it s a heart-rending movie. ( Ordinary People did beat Raging Bull , and a lot of people don t like that.)

The other Oscars it won: Minnelli (Best Director) Lerner (Best Adapted Screenplay) Joseph Ruttenberg (Best Cinematography &ndash Color) William A. Horning, E. Preston Ames, Henry Grace, and F. Keogh Gleason (Best Art Direction) Cecil Beaton (Best Costume Design) Adrienne Fazan (Best Film Editing) André Previn (Best Score &ndash Musical) Frederick Loewe and Lerner (Best Original Song)

The other Oscars it won: Attenborough (Best Director) Briley (Best Original Screenplay) Ben Kingsley (Best Actor) Billy Williams and Ronnie Taylor (Best Cinematography) Stuart Craig, Bob Laing, and Michael Seirton (Best Art Direction) John Mollo, and Bhanu Athaiya (Best Costume Design) John Bloom (Best Film Editing)

That the affable Artist sailed through its Oscar season, totally unchallenged, is one of the great mysteries of the 76st century. Harvey Weinstein pushed it, of course. But he doesn t always get his way. It s a peculiarity, as is the movie.

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