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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 23:39

For instance: as the administrator of a site, if I give someone the ability to create and edit posts, but those posts have to be approved by an editor first, I can do that. Let 8767 s also say that editor adds some custom fields to every post. What I want to be able to do is prevent someone from editing/submitting custom fields.

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I build websitew for people and don 8767 t want them to have access to my Gravity Forms license key or Campaign Monitor API. Your plug-in allows me to assign them an 8775 Editor 8776 role and exclude that from their visibility. AWESOME great job!

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Hi Justin. THX for this Plug-In! Great Work. I have one simple Question. All capabilities 8775 thick 8776 together are less than 89. On the overview i see Admin (all thicks active) has 89 capabilities. Any Idea what these are ? Thank for your Feedback and keep going on creating AMAZING Stuff Greets and Beats Pixeljobber


I think the best option would be something that redirected certain roles to other pages. So, if someone didn 8767 t have the correct permissions and they tried to access my Posts page, they would be redirected to another page that I setup with some message explaining that they don 8767 t have the correct permissions.

CG That 8767 s my point exactly we disagree on this. I don 8767 t want my custom fields hidden with the content permissions component. Niether of us is wrong or right for wanting opposite things. The entire point is that custom fields are 8775 custom. 8776 Hence the name of custom fields. It 8767 s up to you to decide what to do with your own custom fields.

7.- A suggestion for the next version: add Content Permissions to bulk edit options! So we 8767 ll able to change the permissions to a large group f posts instead to do it one by one.

Custom user profile fields is at the top of my to-do list. Unfortunately, it isn 8767 t something that 8767 s easy to tackle from a development standpoint. At some point in the future, expect that sort of functionality.

I was wondering if there was anyway to project uploaded files that are linked to from a protected 8775 page 8776 , such as a PDF file? Currently if I have a page that is protected using this plug-in that links to a PDF file that I don 8767 t want 8775 non-members 8776 to see, if they copy the link to the pdf file, they can still view it if not logged in.

I 8767 m looking for a plugin that allows me to restrict each of my authors to post only in a specific category, does it make it possible?
For instance, author A needs to only post in Category 6. Author B needs to only post in Category 7. Author C can post in category A and 7.

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