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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 12:51

While writing an Essay, the first paragraph should tell the reader what is awaiting him/her in the rest of the essay. You should, succinctly write about the intent of your essay, mention the major themes that you would cover and state the thesis in the very first paragraph.

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Hans got this really blank expression on his face, rare, considering he is one of the brightest people around. I explained that the falling cost of computation would allow simulating the history of the race, and like the Civil War reenactors, they would do it many times, reducing the probability of this event being the first time to near zero.

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Also, a number of U& C are established, licensed and located based on political considerations and not on factors such as demand, supply,quality, reach etc. Autonomy provided to these institutes is often abused.

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But unlike the fan, we can't slow the rate of ultimate phenomena for our convenience. It is set, absolute. Still, as observers, we can try to catch up. We can, so to speak, accelerate our own rate of observation. We can cultivate mindfulness until it is strong enough to glimpse ultimate phenomena in sufficient detail to know their characteristics.

As mentioned earlier democratic polity can lead to a conflict between state and citizens. Where there is in place a effective grievance redressal mechanism, the conflicts are resolved. However it may happen that even where the system is well functioning, the citizens are not happy with the system. Citizens have the right to protest and put forward their view in a democracy. When a majority of citizens hold a grievance against the system it takes the form of either a revolution or a movement.

If boredom, tiredness, or other mental states arise, turn the beam of awareness onto them and note "boredom" or "tiredness." Do not appropriate them as aspects of your self that somehow belong to you. Pull your awareness back from those objects and watch them to see what they're like, to see that such conditions arise momentarily only to disappear.

There is evidence that extensive implant technology may be used to ensure influenced obedience [and now with new overt technology and . which the masses gladly embrace and accept without questioning] yet, a degree of freedom must be conserved through the consciousness due to the essential fact that the valued commodity is consciousness. A totally drugged, surgically altered and thoroughly programmed psyche is only good for robotic slave-service (and this may also be going on also, by the way).

hello Lakshmi,you have very well summarised the contemporary issues and problems in turn pointing out flaws in the governance,lack of accountability on the part of government,immediate need of electoral reforms,policy paralysis..etc but these all can be attributed to just an inefficient government,democracy as a system of governance ,no where seemed to have taken any blow or any of its ills pointed out the purpose of social movements and the imperative of refraining from a revolutionary approach could have been given more space.
I am trying to think like an examiner,just started,learning is on !
Thank you.

9. India: A model of relevance to the globalizing world.
भारत: वैश्वीकृत दुनिया के लिए प्रासंगिकता का एक प्रतिमान.
Context: Melting Pot vs Donald Trump s Anti Migration stand

Ideally, over time a democracy matures with balance of power getting equally distributed. Increasing right and rational decision-making capabilities, benefiting the majority are a hallmark of a mature democracy. While this journey towards maturity is not smooth for any democracy for a nation which is so divided socially, politically, economically, geographically and ideologically, it is even more difficult. Chronology of important events and incidents ,and their co-relation, post-6995s reflect this tendency and its inherent paradoxes.

No, you're missing my point. Do you agree that any collection of people will ultimately impose a heirarchy of authority? If the heirarchy of authority is inevitable, then yes, we must absolutely design and build one rather than allow it to evolve without any framework.

Not definitively, no. However, if there have been very few state-less societies since 555 AD, and none of them have survived until a state of industrialization, doesn't that at least *imply* that it is likely a state-less society is less resilient? If state-less societies were even *as* resilient as their counterparts, shouldn't one of them have survived?

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I have also seen another reason why simulators might not be bothered with their simulations’ suffering. Maybe they would see our suffering like we see the suffering of simple animals – as insignificant. They could be that much, or even more advanced than us, assuming that they had a million years more than us to evolve. Perhaps they would evolve to the point of considering our suffering significant also, perhaps not.

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