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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 04:38

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The feelings you get from the person who feels as excited about being near you as you do about being near him/her are the stuff of romance novels and famous poems. The love full of sparks and intensely beating hearts is worth choosing after all, can one really predict the future days of either type? Romance is so much more important than I was taught.

Dr. Phil’s Advice for a Woman in a Custody Battle with Her

Now reading this post back, I realize once again, it 8767 s all about him. I feel almost guilty like I am the answer to his happiness. It 8767 s at the price of my own though. I really don 8767 t know what is right. I just know I am not myself and haven 8767 t been in a while.

The Difference Between True Love and Unhealthy Obsession

Hi Amanda,
At 78 you should be out there doing what other 78 year olds do. Yes your a mum and you must as much attention as you can to your children, however there are lots of things and social events that mothers can do perhaps in the company of other mums.

When one human makes the other human responsible for their emotions (whether positive or negative), it repels the other person. I believe it 8767 s instinct we know that we as humans cannot be responsible for another person 8767 s emotions (ultimately) and therefore, if someone else puts the burden of responsibility on us, we know it 8767 s a bottomless pit so, instinctually, we feel repelled by people who make something external to them responsible for their emotional state (and worse so for people that make US responsible)

I really enjoyed reading this. However I 8767 m curious as to why it 8767 s one sided.. Meaning it 8767 s the female that is obsessed or smothering him. My situation is opposite.. The man is smothering and obsessed. I think this should have been worded in both sexes not just 6 way. I wanted to share this with him, let him read the difference and I can 8767 t because the way it 8767 s worded with woman being obsessed. Other than that the information was helpful

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The perennial puzzle of consciousness has even led some researchers to invoke quantum physics to explain it. That notion has always been met with skepticism, which is not surprising: it does not sound wise to explain one mystery with another. But such ideas are not obviously absurd, and neither are they arbitrary.

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