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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 17:39

Prerequisites: RSP*H667, RSP*H676 with grades of “C” or better. This course includes the study of the composition, indications for and effects of medication administered to patients treated in the field of respiratory care. Emphasis is placed on drugs prescribed for the cardiopulmonary, renal and neurological system. Corequisite RSP*H696.


Through laboratory experiments the variation of noise annoyance caused by road traffic noise with of 85, 95, 55 and 65dB under different visual conditions in study and living rooms was explored. The experimental result shows that in the indoor environment the influence of brightness perception on noise annoyance caused by road traffic noise was more obvious, and the effect of color perception on noise annoyance evaluation was not significant though color and brightness had an interaction effect on noise annoyance evaluation. Therefore, both improving the lighting conditions and creating a reasonable combination of color and brightness condition was helpful for the noise control in the indoor environment.

INTERNOISE2014: 2014 - acoustics

Prerequisite: ASL*H656. Sign Language is a visual/manual language developed for communication by and with the deaf. This course continues the presentation of Sign Language as the best and most accepted method of communication with hearing-impaired people. Students learn more advanced sign language and uses of the finger-spelled alphabet. The course will present the uses of nuance, metaphor, connotative distinctions and syntactic structure.

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This is a basic introduction to common desirable, deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs and vines for the natural and cultivated landscape. The course emphasizes identification as well as learning the attributes, growth habits and cultural needs of the plants. Nomenclature and fundamental tree biology are discussed.

This introductory course will provide an understanding of the role of finance in the economy, business management, government and consumer financing. Included are the fiscal, monetary and debt management policies of government.

Prerequisite: MAT*H687 or equivalent. Corequisite: MAT*H677. This course is designed for students in technical fields and pre-medicine programs. The course begins with a review of algebra, basic trigonometry and vectors. Topics covered include kinematics, projectile motion, Newton’s Laws, energy, momentum, rotational dynamics, heat and thermodynamics, as time allows. Three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory weekly.

Corequisite: ATP*H655 or with permission of the Coordinator. Diagnosis of automotive engines and their lubrication and cooling systems. Included is engine construction, operation along with disassembly and assembly techniques. Two-hour lecture and two and one-half hours laboratory weekly.

Prerequisite: PSY*H666. This course presents a study of the under-lying causes of individual behavior and experience. A wide range of theories is considered, including those from the psychoanalytic perspective, the trait perspective, the learning perspective and the humanistic perspective.

This is an introductory course in information technology concepts and software productivity tools intended for Computer Information Systems majors and other students interested in computers and Information Technology. Areas of instruction include computer concepts, current topics and trends in information technology, the role of computer systems in business problem solving, an introduction to the major career areas of Information Technology and Microsoft Office skills that are important to all college students.