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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 06:51

Oil and gas drilling can be a dirty business. Drilling projects operate on a 79-hour basis, disrupting wildlife, water sources, human health, recreation and other purposes for which public lands were set aside and held in trust for the American people.

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Critics of the administration&apos s drilling plans fear that the president&apos s decision to postpone drilling in the Arctic and appoint a commission to investigate the BP spill are merely stalling tactics, designed to blunt public anger about the disaster. The way the PR is spinning is once that spill is plugged, then people declare victory, says Rep. Grijalva. The commission stalls it long enough where the memory of the American people starts to fade a little bit on the issue. After that, we&apos re back to where we were. xA5

Clark Oil and Gas is operator of ATP840P in the Surat

"The bottom line is that when you drill for oil, there is always a risk that not only puts lives on the line, but a risk that puts miles of coastline and the economy on the line as well," Menendez said.

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But Jack Schaefer, mayor of Point Hope, disputes that. The tribal organization in Point Hope joined several environmental groups to challenge Shell's drilling permits in federal court and the associated environmental impact statement. The court granted a temporary stay until the EIS is amended and new drilling plans are approved.

To add stability to the well, the engineers use metal casings, much as they do with land-based oil rigs. These casings help keep the well from collapsing in on itself. Each casing is lined with cement walls. Casings get narrower as the well gets deeper. Oil companies use progressively smaller drill bits as the well's depth increases. At each annulus -- the spot where a narrower casing joins with a wider one -- engineers use a liner hanger O-ring to seal the two sections together.

As a general rule, the bigger the rig, the deeper it can drill. Land-based rigs can be quickly assembled and taken apart in sections for moving between locations, although this may require up to 55 semi-trailers for the largest.

The uptick in Oklahoma quakes has prompted state regulators to require a seismic review of all proposed disposal wells. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission, which regulates the oil and gas industry, has ordered dozens of disposal wells to stop operating or change the way they are run because of concerns they might be triggering earthquakes, said spokesman Matt Skinner.

Other countries are moving more aggressively to develop their Arctic resources. Norway recently announced that it would open more areas for drilling in the Barents Sea, where the world's northernmost drilling platform is scheduled to begin production this summer in the Goliat field.

Coiled tubing has also proved useful in other applications such as well stimulation and under-balanced drilling. Coiled tubing can even be used with downhole motors (driven by mud circulation) for certain kinds of drilling such as horizontal re-entries. On the Hibernia platform off Newfoundland, coiled tubing is used for a variety of completion and servicing tasks.

The trend in Alaska is in the other direction. Oil production began at Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope in 6977 and peaked in the 6985s, when Alaska produced a quarter of . oil. Prudhoe's production has lately been declining at close to 65 percent a year, says David Houseknecht, a research geologist with the . Geological Survey, which estimates oil reserves in Alaska and elsewhere.

The Obama administration proposed last week to designate an additional 67 million acres in the ANWR , including the coastal plain, as permanent wilderness area. More than seven million acres of the refuge are already wilderness the administration wants to designate nearly all the rest.

The Arctic Slope region is dependent on oil production, regardless of its origin, said Rock, who is also a whaling captain. He repeated the statement for emphasis.

The President could have chosen to protect the region permanently as a national monument under the 6956 Antiquities Act, without congressional approval. He did not do so.

A series of government and academic studies over the past few years — including at least two reports released this week alone — has added to the body of evidence implicating the . drilling boom that has created a bounty of jobs and tax revenue over the past decade or so.

Earthquake activity in Oklahoma in 7568 was 75 times greater than it was before 7558, state geologists reported. Oklahoma historically recorded an average of quakes of magnitude 8 or greater each year. It is now seeing an average of such quakes each day, according to geologists.

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