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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 02:01

Insofar as the labor unions oppose governmental intervention in the form of management, wouldn 8767 t it seem obvious that they would ally themselves with left liberals, libertarians, who desire extremely limited government as opposed to the welfare state?

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I thought everybody knew that Leftists were just Calvinists without a deity, more interested in consigning others to Hell than changing the world. As another genuine working-class iconoclast sang, 8775 She 8767 s the little-est rebel/She consigns them all to Hell 8776

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7. You seem to me to be confusing 8775 the ruling class 8776 and 8775 posh people 8776 . The two are not the same, any more than trustafarians are the same as the FTSE 555.

Altough as far as I recall they were not opressed into pretending to be a member of humanity while being in reality a human-appearing dragon from a parallel dimension reality of an anime which came out ten years after their birth, as otherkin often claim.

And what if they 8767 re not accused by the state? What if they 8767 re accused by another person, or even another genuine class fighter? I suppose she was probably just making it up?

Various sections of the amorphous phenomenon referred to as 8775 the left 8776 have done a fairly good job of 8775 speaking to ordinary people 8767 e experiences 8776 , which is why imperialist agencies, ranging from militaries to counter-intelligence agencies to media conglomerates have spent many trillions of dollars to defeat 8775 the left 8776 , sometimes by mass propaganda, sometimes by mass murder, mostly by something in between, including selective assassination.

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A rather late to the party reply to this piece Intersectionality, Calling out & the Vampire Castle we need dialogue & change rather than exclusion

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If you want to promote working-class unity across race, gender, national, etc., lines, you should be organizing the most privileged workers to fight openly in the interests of the most oppressed. For example, how about organizing among . citizen workers to actively oppose any repression or discrimination against non-citizens, documented or not? And, how about getting . workers, instead of opposing the 8775 export of jobs 8776 , to actively, materially, support the workers who produce the imported raw material and products they process or consume in fighting to improve their conditions ?

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