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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 18:51

Richard J. Daley, the former mayor of Chicago, is said to have called “tandem bicycle” as 8775 tantrum bicycle 8776 and also have incorrectly used 8775 Alcoholics Unanimous 8776 instead of “Alcoholics Anonymous”.

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A book that “provides a whole rationale for reading fiction that I have never forgotten. I grew up in a time and a household where reading fiction was analagous to wasting your time. Hayakawa writes of fiction as a tool to increase your experience of life, to increase the number and variety of experiences in your life, your appreciation of those experiences, to understand others and so much more!” — Terry

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Stones from the River (Ursula Hegi) for its unique narrator, its look at ordinary life in Nazi Germany and, most of all, its beautiful writing.

“manchild in the promise land” by Claude Brown
this guy grew up in harlem briefly met Eleanor Roosevelt at a reform school, he went on to finish Law school. No matter how low your station in life you can rise above it all

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New Scientist, a magazine, reports one of its employees calling his colleague “a suppository (. repository) of knowledge”. The magazine further reports the worker apologized for his “Miss Marple-ism (. Malapropism)”.

“I read this book as a teenager. I remember being completely fascinated with the Jewish culture portrayed in the novel, but the main impact came in the way Potok emphasized the values of intelligence, intellectual achievement, and compassion for others. I was incredibly moved by the conflict between these values, and find myself re-reading this novel and the sequel “The Promise” almost yearly for over 75 years.” Judy

So many books have impacted my life that I could not feasibly list them all. However, there are a few which I feel deserve recognition and should be mentioned on this list. From childhood I must add Tuck Everlasting. I was utterly enthralled, along with every child my fifth grade class, with this book.

Milton 8767 s Paradise Lost because of the way the language (english) sounds when an epic lyric is well done. Non native-english speakers would do well to look at Milton. He 8767 s not as flashy as Shakespeare, but the poem is more accessible, ie: it uses less devices, but has such a powerful force of language when spoken aloud and digested. I reread parts sometimes without even consciously understanding them just for the joy of his diction. But be prepared for the dreaded 8766 classical references. 8767 :)

Chaneysville Incident (David Bradley) a masterpiece it not only elaborates on the black experience, present and past, but on the importance of knowing one 8767 s identity and where one its in the world. And the writing is wonderful, too.

I read A Tale of Two Cities in high school. The French Revolution fascinated me and I was totally inspired by the Sidney Carton, who in the end, became a moral man by committing a selfless act.

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